Sunday, 12 March 2017

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The Intelligent investor is a book by the modern investor named Benjamin Graham. This book is a great inspiration for ones who are in investment and want advice for investing in their business. It is one of the most inspiring books that run on the philosophy of value investing. It is the book that shields the investors from right doing and wrong doing helping them in developing long term investment strategies. The Intelligent Investor was first published in 1949. The market is largely running on the strategies mentioned in this book and has sold many billion copies and is acclaimed by almost every people in finance.

Why Purchase The Intelligent Investor : Book Review

It is a book by professional investor and economist and hence is a widely acclaimed book by financers. This book is a good purchase for it will take you directly to your financial goals. This is a book that aims in preventing investors from doing any substantial errors in order to attain long term investment goals. The book contains lot more development strategies that will prove to be successful without bearing any risks. For latest financial orders and planning this book is the one that can be applied in day to day life. It also contains wisdom quotes in full version that is likely to change career of an investor. The book also tells you about financial safety and security.

How to Buy The Intelligent Investor?

If you want to buy this wide ranging book that talks about portfolio policy, allocation of assets, and learn to deal with heavy numbers, this book is all about key lessons that are must for investors. So follow the given below link and get your revised edition copy now
The paperback edition of this book is available at the price of Rs. 274. You can also buy its kindle edition. 

The Intelligent Investor Product Details

Publisher- Harper Business (2013)
Language- English
Product Dimensions- 10 X 10 X 5 cm


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